AMRetain™ design software version 1.2


AMRetain™ is a new design software developed solely for the design of steel sheet piling structures using the ArcelorMittal range of steel sheet piles. AMRetain is based on the ‘Subgrade Reaction Model’ (also called ‘Soil Structure Interaction Model’, or SSIM-K).

This SSIM is a good compromise between quite simple design methods like the ‘Limit Equilibrium method’ (LEM) and more complex ones like the Finite Elements Method (AMRetain™ is to replace ArcelorMittal software ‘Prosheet’ - Limit Equilibrium method). It is proposed in AMRetain with the possibility to activate ULS checks according to the French Standard NF P 94-282 (application of Eurocode 7 for retaining structures).

AMRetain™ was developed by Terrasol on behalf of ArcelorMittal (and on the basis of K-Rea commercial software for the design of all types of retaining walls). AMRetain™ is provided by Terrasol (again on behalf of ArcelorMittal) through this web shop : AMRetain™ is protected with a software license system, and is available at a reasonable price which covers partially the cost of its development and distribution (the remaining costs being paid for by ArcelorMittal). The intent is not to compete with existing commercial software (such as K-Rea), but to provide an easy-to use software to civil and geotechnical engineers with a basic knowledge of design of retaining structures, but who do not deal on a regular basis with the design of retaining structures.

AMRetain™ is a very user-friendly software : it includes several useful wizards: ArcelorMittal sheet piles catalogue, help for the determination of subgrade reaction coefficient for soils, numerous graphical displays, helpful output, etc.

AMRetain™ allows the design of:

  • single walls, either cantilever walls or anchored walls (made of ArcelorMittal sheet piles).

AMRetain main window for a single wall project

  • double sheet-pile walls with one or two linking anchor levels.

Examples of double sheet pile wall projects

For all types of projects, AMRetain™ makes it possible to simulate the construction phases, using about 20 different action types: excavations, fills, loads, etc.

The results include for each wall: the horizontal displacements of the wall, the moments and shear forces in the wall, the earth and water pressures along the wall, etc.

Example of a results window

In the case of single walls, it is possible to activate ULS checks according to the French standard NF P 94 282, which is the application standard of Eurocode 7 for retaining structures in France. This standard is based on "Design Approach 2" as explicited in Eurocode 7, and defines for instance the values of the partial safety factors to be used in France. Its application in AMRetain™ enables to make SLS/ULS calculations. The ULS calculations are carried out using the Limit Equilibirum Method (LEM) in the case of cantilever walls. The checks available in AMRetain™are the following:

  • passive earth pressure failure
  • forces in the retaining wall (characteristic and design values)
  • balance of vertical forces
  • stability of the anchoring block (according to simplified Kranz method)

Example of a Kranz check

Beware: the chosen design method based on Eurocode 7 is not valid for all the European countries. AMRetain™ enables the user to change the values of the partial safety factors, but the approach used in the calculation will be « approach 2 » only.


The user can either work in ‘metric units (SI system) or in ‘imperial units (usual units in the United States).

Finally, AMRetain™ software is provided together with a full manual (user manual, scientific manual, and tutorial manual) and example files.


Minimum hardware requirements:

PC-compatible computer equipped with:

  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1 Mb de RAM
  • 1024 x 768 video card
  • 100 Mb free hard-disk space
  • Windows® XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64 bit)